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The Little Heater That Could

Tropical fuschias, echiverias, musa and more cozy up in the greenhouse

We’ve been getting hit with temperatures in the one digits – 8 degrees to be exact – for the past week. An arctic  storm is supposedly on its way to make things miserable outside tonight.

The small, portable  electric heater I purchased from Greenhouse Catalog for the greenhouse couldn’t have shown up at a better time.  Coupled with the Oregon Scientific wireless thermometer, I’ve been able to track the temperature inside the greenhouse without ever stepping outside.

All the tropicals seem to be holding steady even in this bitter cold. I really recommend both devices for a small 8×12 greenhouse – they are working out great.

Final Touches to the Greenhouse

Rob and I worked on posting a metal finial I found in Raleigh, North Carolina in September. We had to build a wooden base for the finial to rest on the peak of the roof. Once again, another garden hubby-do project that seemed simple and took much longer than we anticipated. But with this addition, the greenhouse is ready for planting out seeds and bulbs for next year.

Bring on the Winter Sun

We took down the shade cloth this weekend. I recommend trying to do this before the rain comes. It was sopping wet and covered with bits of leaves, twigs, etc. We folded it up and placed it in the greenhouse on top of the water trugs for the time being. I’m hoping the new heater will assist in drying the cloth and outdoor chair cushions quickly so I can put everything away for the season to retard any mold or moss growth.

Holiday Blooming Surprises

I potted up my winter and spring blooming bulbs this weekend. I adore planting bulbs up in the greenhouse while the rain softly falls on the rooftop. Both I and the bulbs are warm and dry. The blooms provide so much pleasure for such a small investment of time and money.

Snuggled under the house eaves prevents the bulbs from rotting through our wet and cold winter and spring.  Blushing pink ‘Apple Blossom’ tulips mixed with white or yellow ‘Cheerfulness’ double daffodils (daffs) are nestled besides one another in brightly colored pots of all shapes and sizes.

Sleeping Beauties
The following mixtures will be blooming indoors  for an explosion of fragrance and color during dark, cold and blustery rainy days to follow. Amaryllis ‘Evergreen’ is already peaking out of the soil. Narcisscus ‘Ziva’ paperwhites are bunched together in fancy metal urns covered with Spanish moss skirts.  The amaryllis, paperwhites and poinsettia from last year are all tucked away in our kitchen pantry inside (not exactly my husband’s favorite place to see more plants) to fake out their resting period before the brilliant blooms appear close to Thanksgiving.

I will post pictures of them when they are all in their glory.  Til then, happy planting!

Bring on the Heat!

I purchased an electric heater to overwinter my tropicals, bulbs, and geraniums from The Greenhouse Catalog.  To date, we have had a minor frost as of  Thursday, October 29, 2009 dusting on my neighbors rooftops – one day before the heater arrived.  The great feature it has is it will only come on automatically when the temperature drops below freezing.
In Beaverton, OR the first real frost typically has been as early as the first week of November….

How to Install a Greenhouse Fan and Stay Married

I am hoping that once we get the greenhouse fully operational, that Rob and I will still be intact. Although I keep reminding him that he is getting to use his tools, I believe he is not appreciating the ever growing “honey do” list of items for the greenhouse. This past project included moving the louver fan from the back to the front and then installing the greenhouse fan. Read all about it and other projects here.

Solexx Greenhouse User Interview

daleI had the opportunity to travel down to Corvallis, OR and discuss gardening, greenhouses and growing plants with a lively character. Dales is over 80 years old, but you would never suspect as he is spry and has a twinkle in his eye when talking about vegetable gardening. Read all about it here.

I also had the good fortune of visiting Shonnard’s Nursery on the way home. Don’t miss their ‘bone yard’ in the back. Nice one gallon perennials and shrubs marked down to $1 – $2!