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Free Watering Gauge Kit

watering gauge kit

Water use can more than double in the summer, the time of year when rainfall decreases and there are limited water supplies stored in area reservoirs.

Many people over-water their yards and lawns. Established turf requires an average of one inch of water a week to stay healthy. The trick is figuring out how long it takes your sprinkler to water one inch and then creating a weekly watering schedule so your lawn and shrubs get the water they need – but not too much.

The Regional Water Providers Consortium is offering free watering gauges and timers this summer, which will help you keep your lawn and shrubs healthy while conserving water.

You can request a free watering gauge kit by contacting the Consortium at 503-823-7528 or by sending an e-mail

The Consortium also provides a Weekly Watering Number on its website at The number indicates how much water – measured in inches – your lawn, shrubs, perennennials or vegetable garden needs that week.

Garden photos wanted!

The Regional Water Providers Consortium is interested in showcasing examples of how local gardeners incorporate water-wise gardening practices into their home gardens. Send a photo of your home or a client’s garden, along with a short description of how you use water efficiently in your landscape to


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