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Something Crunchy Underfoot

Hazelnut path

My hazelnut garden path on the side of the house

If you are looking for pathway material that is organic, renewable and has a crunchy texture underfoot, then look no further than hazelnut shells! I loaded 25 bags into the Honda Element and it covered both path areas in the side and back garden.

May is the time to get them directly from Oregon farmers as the harvest time is end of April – early May.

I found a great place on Craigslist that you need to check out ASAP. Shaun has over 1.2 million pounds of cracked hazelnut shells to offload or they will be sent to a local co-generation plant for burning.

Here’s where you can get them from:

– Pricing:
$25.00 bulk dumped into your truckbed for 900 lbs load OR $4.00 for a 25lb bag.

– Location:
George Packing Company
15195 NE Ribbon Ridge Rd Newberg, Oregon 97132


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