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Favorite Plants in May

Here are new plants I have introduced into my garden during the month of May:

Alocasia macrorrhiza ‘Upright Elephant Ear’
From the moment I brought this home and placed it in a red ceramic container at the front porch, neighbors were stopping by and asking what this was.  It truly is a jolly green giant with bright green heart-shaped leaves that stands 4 ft tall already.  Prefers partial shade to stay a darker green.

Armeria psuedoarmeria ‘Ballerina Red Sea Thrift’
Far from its seaside pink cousin, this sea thrift has large balls rising above the low green strappy foliage.  I placed it in the middle perennial bed in the backyard rising above the sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ to give some color to a pocket planting area that waits until fall to put on a show. It is a 2009 Fleuroselect Goldwinner so I had to try it.

Carex tenuiculmia ‘Cappucino Sedge’
This is defintely what I like to call ‘dead husband grass’. It already looks dead being brown and all. But it adds that much needed contrast ‘kick’ to a container swathed in green.

Geranium sessiliflorum ‘Red Select’
I am always looking for something to stand out amongst the green in my garden. This geranium has dark chocolate leaves edged in silver followed by white flowers in summer. Grows to 8” tall and 2’ wide in part shade to full sun. More compact in full sun. May be cut back hard in winter, new growth is delectable. Requires regular summer water.

Hebe ‘Imbricata’
I don’t know about you, but I lost all my large leaved lovely hebes (again) in our wacky winter. So when I saw this one that resembles chamaecyparis it caught my attention. I have it clustered with mixed annuals and perennials hanging from a pot on the fence outside the kitchen window. The tiny leaves are yellow-green and tightly encircle the stems. Small white flowers at the branch tips blooms in summer.

Polygala chamaebuxus ‘Rhodoptera’
There are not many groundcovers that exude such a strong scent to get one to stop in one’s tracks. Rhodoptera elicits tropical feelings once the pineapple fragrance tickles your nose. Part of the pea family, it can be separated easily from the container into multiple areas.  Loves part shade and does well under rhododendrons! Purple flowers with a bright yellow center are a showstopper in late April/early May.

Rose ‘Barbra Streisand’
I have to admit I am not a rose fanatic.  But I happened upon this one at the Portland International Rose Test Garden and immediately fell in lust with it’s heady and intoxicating fragrance. I have it planted out front in the mailbox hell strip path to see how well it can take the heat from the concrete encircling it. Purple flowers grace a medium sized bush with an upright habit.

Thymus pulegioides ‘Foxley’
I am a sucker for variegation and this low growing ground cover fits the bill to a T. Shiny green with creamy variegation on the edge followed by pink flowers is a show stopper. IT now graces the footing of my columnar apple at the entrance to the house.

Yucca gloriosa var. recurvifolia ‘Bright Star’
Adam’s Needle is a new yucca I added to the hell strip in front of the house.  Triple variegated sword-like leaves echo pinks, greens and ivory on the new growth.  Drought tolerant after established. Leaves lay flat on the ground and a purple flower spike that hummingbirds cluster to will rise mid-summer.


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