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Live or Fake Christmas Tree?

Blue, white and silver are the color theme for our 2009 Christmas tree

The debate continues in Oregon as prices for fake trees drop and the economy bristles with a cold wind in the Willamette Valley. We purchased our Noble Fir (Abies procera) from a Christmas tree farm located in Corvallis, Oregon.

It was the fastest tree hunting trip ever for us. We wanted a skinny, tall tree to fit in a small spot in our main living area. We picked the first one we looked at, shoved it into the Honda Element, propped it up and decorated it within a few hours. After the holidays, the boughs will be cut off the tree and are used for bird habitat and mulch in the garden.

I have two small fake trees decorated with garden themes in the hallway and the stair landing. Did you go fake, real or both this year?


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