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Holiday Blooming Surprises

I potted up my winter and spring blooming bulbs this weekend. I adore planting bulbs up in the greenhouse while the rain softly falls on the rooftop. Both I and the bulbs are warm and dry. The blooms provide so much pleasure for such a small investment of time and money.

Snuggled under the house eaves prevents the bulbs from rotting through our wet and cold winter and spring.  Blushing pink ‘Apple Blossom’ tulips mixed with white or yellow ‘Cheerfulness’ double daffodils (daffs) are nestled besides one another in brightly colored pots of all shapes and sizes.

Sleeping Beauties
The following mixtures will be blooming indoors  for an explosion of fragrance and color during dark, cold and blustery rainy days to follow. Amaryllis ‘Evergreen’ is already peaking out of the soil. Narcisscus ‘Ziva’ paperwhites are bunched together in fancy metal urns covered with Spanish moss skirts.  The amaryllis, paperwhites and poinsettia from last year are all tucked away in our kitchen pantry inside (not exactly my husband’s favorite place to see more plants) to fake out their resting period before the brilliant blooms appear close to Thanksgiving.

I will post pictures of them when they are all in their glory.  Til then, happy planting!


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