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Portland Yard Sharing Concept


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Portland Yard Sharing
This is a really cool idea. Share a portion of your yard to grow vegetables, fruits and other items to help our fellow man.
Portland is already ahead of the bell curve when it comes to sustainability. This might be the next wave of eating in our new economy.


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2 thoughts on “Portland Yard Sharing Concept

  1. Hi!

    I want to let you know that yard sharing is taking off all over. I’ve built a site called a free yard sharing community to help people start and maintain yard sharing grous in their communities!
    You can start a private group or a public one – learn from others and get support for implementing yard sharing in your neighborhood!

    Thanks for getting the word out, the idea is new and we need all the help we can get!

    • I saw that the Oregonian also did a full color spread on yard sharing this past week. It’s an exciting concept. I have a few friends that are already sharing space to grow vegetables. Personally, I’ve planted a Row for the Hungry. I’ll be taking extra kale and radishes to Farmington Gardens on Sundays. They take the produce to The Oregon Food Bank on Mondays. Anything we can all do to band together and help each other is a good gardening day!
      – Dawn