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USDA Map Changes Affecting Northern Gardeners

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An updated hardiness map for plants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture reveals just how much local climates are changing.
This isn’t anything new for Pacific Northwest Gardeners.  We have been pushing’zonal denial’ for many years. Only this past 2008 winter shook us to the core. Almost all of my hebes, astelia, phormiums, musa, and cannas that overwintered for years could not tolerate the two weeks of heavy snow and ice.  The government has steadfastly resisted issuing a new USDA map for the past years, not wanting to admit how much rising temperatures have shifted planting  zones northward.  The writing is on the walls and gardens across the United States.

What are your thoughts? Are you seeing trends changing in your garden?


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One thought on “USDA Map Changes Affecting Northern Gardeners

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